PrivacyLink ®


NOODLE LINKTM is a revolutionary new 2” chain link fence that uses flexible round tubes to lock the privacy fence slats securely in place at both the top and bottom of the fence.

Noodle LinkTM is easy to install and, since the slats and the noodle are inserted at the time the chain link is woven you don’t have to insert them by hand on the job site during the fence installation. And that means MORE PROFIT FOR YOU. Your customers will certainly enjoy the privacy and security of a Noodle Link™ fence.

Selection Guide

Decorative Privacy Slats and Chain Link Fence

with “Factory Inserted Slats”TM

It is essential for you to select the proper privacy fence slat and chain link fence to ensure a successful job outcome. We have created this handy Selection Guide to help you choose the best combination of slats and chain link fence with “Factory Inserted Slats”TM.